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09FFC Wheeled MRAP Vehicle Series

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    09FFC Series Wheeled MRAP Vehicle is a heavy type armored vehicle which is capable of various tactical missions. By adopting the TATRA chassis with military standard as a platform, the vehicle utilizes the technology of backbone type frame transmission mechanism and swing axle shaft independent suspension system. The vehicle adopts V-shape small angle multi-layer mine protected structure and high-strength armored steel integral-type welded vehicle body. The multi-layer mine protected structure can resist the attack from tanks and mine with attack power of 10kg TNT. According to NATO STANAG 4569, the proof level is 4b grade, the ballistic protection level of the armor is 3rd grade. Compared with the similar domestic MRAP vehicles, the 09FFC Series Wheeled MRAP Vehicle has the characteristics of large space, low barycenter, stable driving, good cross-country capability and mobility, heavy duty load, and good performance of mine protection, etc.
    This vehicle is manly used for providing the troops with armored delivery platform on the battlefield, and also used for battlefield attack, operation command, patrol and personnel transportation. With this vehicle, the mobility, protective capability and fighting ability of the troops can be improved.